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1. Expertise

With time comes experience, with experience comes expertise.  With this expertise you can rest assured your legal matters are in the best hands.

2. Communication

We understand legal matters can be difficult and stressful at the best of times. There is nothing more relieving than being well informed by an experienced lawyer. That’s why the staff at Daley Law  communicate effectively with you throughout the entire legal process.

3. Experience

Experience is what makes a lawyer great. It’s the difference between a satisfactory and great outcome.

4. Timeliness

We place limits on the number of new clients we take on at any given time. This enables us to fairly and adequately provide our services. There are few things more stressful than not being able to reach your lawyer in a time of need because they are too busy.

Mission Statement

To have satisfied clients who return to us time and again and who tell their friends about us.

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Services We Provide:


At Daley Law  we pride ourselves on professional conveyancing services. We advise our clients on Property Law including residential and commercial conveyancing, business purchase and sales and leases. Dealing with conveyancing matters is what we do on a daily basis.

At Daley Law we are committed to providing you with comprehensive advice and keeping our clients informed throughout the whole process until settlement of their contract or finalisation of their lease.

We will peruse your contract before you sign and advise you in relation to the conditions of the contract.

It is now common practice for buyers to sign contracts and then to seek a reduction in the purchase price once they have received a pest and building report. Before our clients make such a request or respond to such a request we explain the terms of the contract which relate to building and pest reports and then advise you on the appropriate course of action.

Family Lawyer

Daley Law  provides a wide range of legal services including property settlements, parenting matters and binding financial agreements relating to married and de facto couples, including same-sex couples.

At the earliest possible time we explain to our clients the information required in order for the Courts to decide property settlements. Once we have that information we are able to advise our clients on the possible outcomes.

At the outset we will also provide you with an estimate of our fees for the various stages of the dispute.

We take steps to arrange for parties to participate in mediation in order that our clients may attempt to resolve their dispute on agreed terms at the earliest possible time. In that way we limit our client’s exposure to the stress of Court proceedings and the costs are reduced.

We do not beat about the bush when it comes to your matter. If we are not able to resolve issues with the other spouse/their solicitors we advance the matter to a Court ordered mediation which, if the terms of the property settlement are settled, makes for the speedy resolution of the matter.

As most of our clients are Mums and Dads we offer to hold our fees until our clients receive their share of the property settlement.

Where parties have reached agreement in relation to the division of their property before Court proceedings have been commenced, we are able to advise and assist with the drafting of an application for consent orders or a binding financial agreement.

We are also able to advise and assist you with the preparation, filing and service of an application for divorce whether a sole or joint application.

We act with a view to seeing our clients again when their matter is finished. We are proud of the family law services we provide and we believe this is recognised by our clients when they return to us for their future legal needs.

Wills and Enduring Powers of Attorney

 It is extremely important to have an experienced solicitor draft your Will as there are a number of formalities that must be adhered to and failing to do so may end with the Will being invalid.

The term ‘living Will’ is often what lawyers describe as an Enduring Power of Attorney. Up to three Attorneys may be appointed and they can usually be anyone including your spouse, child, relative or friend.

Without an Enduring Power of Attorney which is one made by you, appointing Attorneys of your choosing, and which remains in effect when you are no longer capable of making decisions, who will step in for you and will that person act in your best interests?

Making the decision of who will hold your Power of Attorney is a very important and powerful decision. Great care and thought must be undertaken when making this decision as having the right to control your financial and health affairs is a huge responsibility.

Deceased Estates

If you have been appointed the Executor of an estate we are able to advise and assist with the administration of the estate. There are a number of duties that an Executor of an estate is bound by and must follow. Some of these include upholding the terms of the Will, collecting assets of the estate, paying any debts of the estate and dealing with the deceased’s bank accounts, investments and real property, that is, their home.

It is important that an Executor realise the personal risks involved if the Executor distributes the estate within 6 months from the date of death of the Will-maker.

We understand that funds are not always available to the estate to meet the cost of legal fees. At Daley Law we do not require our client, the Executor of the estate, to pay for the administration of the estate at the outset of the matter. We provide an estimate of our fees and then we hold our account until the estate administration has been finalised.

We act for persons who have been left out of the estate or who have not been provided with an adequate share. A lot of times step-children or de facto partners are overlooked by the Will-maker. We help people address this wrong and while we do so we do not require our clients to pay their legal fees until they receive their just share from the estate.

We have acted for a number of clients who find themselves without adequate provision following the death of a family member, usually a parent, step-parent or de facto partner. In this event we will give Notice to the Executor of the estate advising of your intention to make a claim upon the estate. We take steps to have such claims considered by an experienced mediator at the earliest opportunity. This way the legal fees of the client and of the estate are minimised and the claims may be resolved sooner than proceeding to trial which is an expensive and prolonged process.

Criminal Law

From the beginning our clients are well informed of the Court process and we are mindful of our client’s primary concern which is to avoid jail time.

We may attend the initial Police interviews with you and advise you on that process. Often the Police Record of Interview is the time to have your say but only with well-considered legal advice.

In more serious matters we have our clients meet with a Barrister before they decide on which plea to enter to the charge or charges. The Barristers we brief are highly experienced and provide straightforward advice so that you are able to make a fully informed decision.


We have worked with clients in a broad range of litigation matters such as workplace health and safety disputes and prosecutions, debt collection from individuals and companies, and defamation and compensation for misrepresentation.

Litigious matters can result in a lot of time and expenses. At Daley Law we will always try and find the most reasonable way to resolve a dispute and try to avoid Court proceedings where possible.

Personal Injury Law

Our office has provided advice and assistance to clients suffering personal injury.

We refer our clients to appropriate medical specialists to prepare reports on your injuries. These reports are vital to proving your injuries and securing the success of your claim.

We involve specialist barristers to meet with and advise our clients. Like our firm, these barristers render their accounts for payment when the client receives his or her funds. Unlike many other no win, no fee advertisers we do not charge an extra fee nor higher fees whilst we await payment.

There is nothing worse for a client who has waited for a damages payment to then receive it less a large chunk to the solicitor and barrister. Most personal injury matters are resolved at the mediation stage. Very few go to trial. With our advice you will be confident in making the right decision and you will know how much you can expect to receive.

Personal injury sufferers should always be concerned with the legal fees they face at the end of their matter. Think about who pays for all of the advertising when it comes to the big name personal injury firms – you do out of your settlement.