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Peter Daley * Principal

Peter Daley - Solicitor

Peter Daley was admitted to practice as a solicitor in the Supreme Court of Queensland and the High Court of Australia on 31 January 1984.

Peter studied Law part time whilst working for the Public Defenders’ Office.

After being admitted, Peter established a legal practice on the 6 August 1985 in the Brisbane suburb of Banyo. That firm is now called Daley Law Practice.

Peter has appeared in, or has assisted Counsel, in all Courts from the Magistrates Court to the High Court of Australia.

As a successful solicitor of considerable experience, throughout the years Peter has developed important professional relationships with many members of the Queensland Bar. In the event a matter may require highly specialised Court advocacy, Peter always ensures that the barrister he briefs is the advocate most suited to his client’s needs.

Peter grew up in the Banyo area and is committed to serving his local community and beyond.

On the sporting front, Peter is an avid golfer who boasts an albatross on the par 5, 7th hole at Nudgee Golf Club.

His interest in the Law (and golf) has not waned as he completes 35 years as a solicitor of the Supreme Court of Queensland.

Peter married Astrid several years ago. Peter has 3 wonderful daughters Catherine, Jessica and Georgia and one grandchild, Alistair.

Peter and his first wife divorced many years ago but his personal experience of divorce, separation from the children and property dispute has been used positively by him in his role as a lawyer for his Family Law clients. You may read further about that experience, and his experience in Deceased Estate administration and the challenge to Wills, and the other areas of law which Peter has provided advice and assistance to his clients for 35 years, on this website.

Peter would like to see the case of R v Mankind on an indictment charging mankind with global warming prosecuted and defended by prominent barristers and decided by a jury of 12 persons
whose minds are open to persuasion. This idea came from his love of movies none less than “The Verdict” which he encourages people to look up and watch.

The Law in the 21 st Century is more about the parties reaching an agreement with an independent mediator than the cost and stress of appearing before a Judge and letting the Judge decide.

In the future, with the assistance of their solicitors, the parties may well put their cases together and ask “the computer” to decide. 35 years ago computers were in their infancy, now they hold all the information from all of the legal decisions all over the world; finding that knowledge is the challenge.