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Conveyancing & Property Law Brisbane

The purchase, sale or lease of real property always involves a significant financial decision.


At Daley Law  maintaining a meticulous professional conveyancing service means refusing to lower our standards in client care simply to compete with cut price promoters who can expose a client to great risk through lack of qualification, attention to detail, or plain inexperience.

We recommend searches of the Title to the property and searches of the seller. We also recommend that, when the property is subject to an easement, that the easement document be obtained in order to know how the easement affects the property. Easements may be held by councils, power companies or even your neighbour.

It is necessary that our clients identify the property they believe they are buying on a plan and that the details of that plan match up with the Title and the contract details.

Until the contract is satisfactorily settled there is always a degree of risk. For this and other important reasons, Daley Law Practice is committed to keeping its clients fully informed at each step of the conveyancing process until settlement.


We deal with the sale and purchase of residential and commercial property, as well as leases of retail shops and commercial premises, and the purchase or lease of aged care facilities on a daily basis. Over many years our clients have recognised the added protection and experience we offer by returning time and time again or by referring new business to us.


We pride ourselves in providing first rate conveyancing services at a competitive price. In the event that a problem does arise, it takes an experienced solicitor to identify issues with your intended property and then to resolve the problem satisfactorily. If contracts are not drawn up correctly they are not enforceable. With all contracts there are warranties given to the other party. Our clients are made aware of their rights and obligations.


We offer fixed fee conveyancing services depending on whether you are buying, selling or leasing. This means you can be assured of the cost from the outset without any costly surprises at the end of the matter.

Some firms will charge you by the hour, or will charge you additional fees if circumstances change.

Even though we will spend hours attending to your conveyance, and even when the unexpected happens such as an extension request, a request for further information from the other party, or
how many questions you ask us regarding your matter, our fees will remain the same.

At no additional cost, Daley Law also offers to:

  • meet with our clients
  • Peruse the contract prior to its signing
  • Draft special conditions where applicable
  • Witness documents
  • Answer questions about building and pest reports
  • Advise you on the result of searches
  • Advise you on your rights to terminate the contract or a request of the other party to do likewise