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Family Lawyer Brisbane

Family Lawyer Brisbane

Daley Law Practice advises clients in all matters of Family Law including divorce proceedings, property settlements and child residence disputes.


Whenever possible we prefer to see disputes resolved through the process of mediation. In most instances, the process is moderated by a mutually agreed independent mediator with recognised dispute resolution skills. Mediation in the first instance offers tangible benefits. Conducted in a less confrontational environment than a Court, it provides the most economic legal means by which a dispute can be quickly resolved.

From the client’s perspective, a successful mediation avoids the added cost and time involved in protracted legal argument, the outcome of which often results in the matter having to be determined by a Court. However, in the event that a Trial or Court appearance does become necessary, our clients are well prepared.

Payment of Fees

In each case a fee agreement clearly sets out what a client may reasonably expect in the way of costs, plus an estimate of the time involved for their matter to be completed. Aware of the potential legal costs a client may face, from the outset we are often agreeable to a delayed payment of fees until finalisation of a client’s particular matter. In such cases no interest is charged.

Peter Daley

Peter Daley was admitted to practice as a solicitor in the Supreme Court of Queensland and the High Court of Australia on January 31 1984. In August 1985 Peter established a legal practice in the Brisbane suburb of Banyo.

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