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Personal Injury Lawyer Brisbane

A personal injury claim enables you, as an injured party, to seek financial compensation for injuries suffered as a result of a workplace injury, medical negligence or motor vehicle accident just to name a few. One objective of a personal injury claim is to fairly compensate the injured party for the loss of, or the degree of the impairment of the physical or intellectual capacity he or she would have enjoyed had the incident not occurred.

In certain circumstances, our services and those of the Barrister engaged are often provided on a speculative basis. If satisfied that a client has a case, accounts for these services are usually withheld until the matter is finalised. On occasions we also agree to meet the costs of medical examinations and medico – legal reports in the first instance.

In the event a client is unsuccessful with a claim and fails to be awarded damages then no account is rendered.

As these matters can prove time consuming and stressful for the client all avenues are examined and attempts made to have the case resolved before embarking on Court proceedings which is always a last resort.

In such matters, we offer to meet initially to advise on the prospects of a successful claim for damages. If we believe that the matter is likely to be unsuccessful there is no charge for the consultation.